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Free Planet

Playful yet modern logo for Free Planet.
The colour pallet enforces the eco friendly nature of the business.

Broken Hearted

Custom Logo design for a second hand clothing and non-profit toy business.
Soft colours to emphasise true passion and care. Light and playful font rounds off this look

The Olde Duck

Fine elegant lines really emphasise the atmosphere of the restaurant.
Tall, thin font along with the high contrast in colours continues the sophistication of the brand

Red Zebra whiskey

Ultra modern logo and matching font for a premium liquor brand.
Matt black finish with the gold embossed print is a great match for this design

Ruby Rose Cosmetics

A Clean & luxurious single line logo with elegant font to match.
Soft water colours compliment the brand to raise the look and feel

North South Architects

Very intricate design for an Architect and Design Studio.
Incorporating isometric shapes as well as monogram elements

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