brand review

barefoot camping adventures

why the right branding is important

When sentiments like “expensive”, “sophisticated” and “professional” are invoked then that’s exactly how your brand will be perceived. 

Your brand is not just your logo or your color-scheme. It’s so much more than that. It’s your number one sales tool and the way that you’re known in the world. It’s your key to premium positioning, attracting your target customer 


You have one shot to make a strong first impression. That first impression – when it’s delightful and bold – will cause your prospects and your website visitors to stick around and become repeat customers.  

current landing page

proposed landing page

Bigger, bolder fonts will immediately grab your visitor’s attention and envoke that feeling of ruggedness that goes with the camping and the outdoors.

current information section

proposed information section

Highlight the most important part of your service right away, with short meaningful areas of content! Keeping their interest, and adding your “Barefoot prints” will also help guide the user through your site.

social media

It is important that users should be able to identify your brand very quickly. Even though we do spend a lot of time on social media, we do scroll pretty fast. This does not always mean colours and logos, but consistency on the type of images that users identify with your brand.

current instagram

"branded" instagram

By incorporating not just your brand colours but also your icons and engaging captions to your posts, you immediately give the user a reason to stop and see what your post is about.

It is also important to link and tag the festivals you are supporting, as a good way of directing traffic to THEM, but also have users make the connection of the service you provide.

cost estimation

No 2 projects are ever the same, and no 2 clients have the same branding strategy, so our services are estimated based on some basic minimum criteria that are to be confirmed before work can begin.

basic package

  • Website Upgrade (1-3 Pages)  – R3500 (once off)
  • Social Media + Ad Costs – R4000 (per month)
    • 1 post per week on 2 platforms
      • 4 x Facebook posts
      • 4 x Instagram posts
    • 2 Boosted posts/ Ads per month

advanced package

  • Website Upgrade (3-5 Pages)  – R5500 (once off)
  • Social Media + Ad Costs – R7500 (per month)
    • 1 post per week on 2 platforms
      • 8 x Facebook posts
      • 8 x Instagram posts
    • 2 Boosted posts/ Ads per month

interested in upgrading your brand?

It’s my passion to help create the best version of your brand, and make it shine! So if you are interested in some of the topics shared here, just get let me know, and I’ll be happy to get this journey started with you!